Contributing to OSVR

Getting Started and Tracking Development

The OSVR board contains an overview of issues currently in GitHub issue trackers for all OSVR framework projects. It summarizes the issues in a number of lists:

Of course, the issue lists are not all-encompassing: if you've got a contribution you'd like to make, we'd love to see it! Filing an issue on the right project would be a great first step.

Directory of Projects

Last update: Jul 3, 2017 Documentation List of supported devices EXPERIMENTAL: Python binding Managed-OSVR RenderManager NVIDIA | AMD | Intel OSVR- Hardware- Accessories OS-specific code Windows OSVR-HDK-Windows-Drivers Android OSVR-Android-SDK OSVR-Android-Build OSVR-Android-Plugins OSVR-AndroidServerLauncher OSVR-Android-Samples android-cmake OS X Homebrew Tap Linux Build instructions Plugins HMDs and devices OSVR-Vuzix OSVR-Oculus-Rift OSVR- EmulatedDevices OSVR-Vive OSVR-LaputaVR OSVR-ANTVR Peripherals OSVR-SMI OSVR-Leap-Motion OSVR-Nod OSVR-InertialLabs OSVR-ART OSVR-FOVE OSVR-Ximmerse OSVR-PSMoveAPI OSVR-OpenHMD OSVR-firmata OSVR-Kinect OSVR-wiimote Alternate OSVR-PSMove Hydra-OSVR Nolo-OSVR Analysis OSVR-AR Toolkit OSVR-Fusion osvr_reset_yaw osvr_print_tree osvr_json_to_c PathTreeExport OSVR Core Poser Skeleton Locomotion Eye tracker Config Button Analog Gesture Tracker Imager Game engine plugins and samples OSVR-Unreal OSVR-Unity-Rendering OSVR-Monogame OSVR-Unity-Palace-Demo SteamVR-OSVR EXPERIMENTAL: Blender-OSVR OSVR-Unity Unity-VR-Samples WebVR-OSVR User tools OSVR- Tracker-Viewer OSVR-Central OSVR-Config SensicsTray Developer tools Distortionizer Latency-Test LED Encoding OSVR- Boxstarter OSVR- JSON-Editor OSVR- JSON-Schemas OSVR-specs- and-proposals OSVR- win-installer OSVR-device-viewer OSVR-HDK Hardware Libfunctionality

Note that in case you can't find the project you're looking for below, you can access a full list of projects in the OSVR organization (note that this link includes a filter to exclude projects forked by OSVR).

Documentation and Community

General Guidelines

Core projects


The core libraries, applications, and plugins of the OSVR software platform. Includes osvr_reset_yaw, which allows setting '0 heading', osvr_print_tree that exports the path tree and osvr_json_to_c which converts JSON files into C headers


Catch-all project for issues and information not specific to a single repo.

sensics/OSVR-RenderManager README

Provides distortion correction, time warp, direct mode (on Windows), overfill and oversampling services.

HMD Device Plugins


HTC Vive (HMD and controllers) plugin for OSVR.

Other Device Plugins


OSVR Advanced Realtime Tracking plugin.


OSVR plugin for FOVE eye-tracking headset.

sensics/OSVR-EmulatedDevices README

OSVR plugin for Sensics emulated binoculars and other optical devices.


OSVR plugin providing Oculus Rift DK1 & DK2 orientation tracking via OpenHMD.

simlrh/OSVR-Kinect README

An OSVR plugin providing joint position and orientation data from the Kinect.

simlrh/OSVR-firmata README

An OSVR plugin providing analog and digital data from connected Arduinos running the StandardFirmata firmware.

simlrh/OSVR-Wiimote README

An OSVR plugin providing up to four Wii Remote + Nunchuk devices via the wiiuse library.

Analysis Plugins


OSVR plugin for ARToolkit by DAQRI.

simlrh/OSVR-fusion README

An OSVR plugin that creates trackers by combining different sources of data.

Game engine integrations and language bindings

OSVR-Unity-Rendering README

High-performance direct render plugin for Unity.

Unity-VR-Samples README

Unity's VR Samples, converted to run on OSVR


An OSVR plugin for SteamVR, providing SteamVR support for OSVR HMDs.


Managed code (.NET) wrapper for OSVR ClientKit.

JeroMiya/OSVR-MonoGame README

Integration of OSVR with the MonoGame Engine.


OSVR-HDK-Windows-Drivers README

Drivers and related code/data for improving the hardware experience for the HDK on Windows.


OSVR-Android-Build README

Automated build system and submodules to compile the OSVR framework for Android.


Additional files used to generate an NDK-BUILD compatible OSVR Android build.

OSVR-Android-Samples README

A set of samples demonstrating basic OSVR usage on Android.

android-cmake README

A collection of CMake scripts that may be useful to the Android NDK community.

OS X–specific


Homebrew tap for OSVR Mac OSX

Tools and Utilities

Distortionizer README

Tool for determining distortion parameters of arbitrary HMDs, and a corresponding set of shaders to correct that distortion.

OSVR-win-installer README

Windows installer for OSVR server application built with NSIS.

infinitellamas/OSVR-Device-Viewer README

A program that displays all devices connected to your OSVR Server, and the data that they are providing.



Production file for OSVR HDK.

Other Projects


Browser-based tool for editing OSVR JSON files, based on JSON Schema.


JSON Schemas related to OSVR interfaces.

OSVR-Specs-and-Proposals README

Interface specifications and device integration proposals.

OSVR-Boxstarter README

Boxstarter self-installer scripts to prepare user or developer environments using Chocolatey.

libfunctionality README

A minimal library for dynamically-loaded or statically-linked functionality modules.